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We work as a team here. Every tax return is essentially done twice by two different experienced accountants to ensure accuracy.

First, all your tax documents are organized and scanned by an administrative assistant so that we have copies indefinitely. Then the first accountant inputs all the information, undertakes an in-depth analysis of the return to maximize tax savings and accuracy, does a two-year comparison with the previous year, contacts you if there are any questions or concerns, performs one final review, and finally produces the completed tax return.

Your return is then handed to a second experienced accountant who reviews all the entries and repeats the rest of the process. If there are any potential issues, the two accountants meet to discuss and resolve the issues. That is when the return is finalized and ready for pick-up, mailed, or emailed to you for review and signing.

Our tax preparation team consists of 5 seasoned tax professionals who are all CPAs or Enrolled Agents with the following years of full tax preparation experience: 15 years, 17 years, 27 years, 35 years, and 43 years. Our office manager has been here 35 years.

Financial Year 2021


For this year's tax return please include:

-Total amount received for the 3rd and final stimulus payment. These payments were issued beginning in March 2021. The maximum amount per person was $1400.

-Total cash charitable contributions for the year regardless of whether you are likely to itemize. There is an adjustment to income of up to $300 per taxpayer ($600 for married filing joint).

-If you have dependent children under age 18, total amount received for advanced child tax credits in 2021. We do not need the monthly breakdown.

The form for cash charitable contributions is an itemized deductions summary page. If you choose to fill in the itemized deductions summary page, you do not need to send us back-up documents related to those deductions. If you do not typically itemize and there have been no major changes, you do not need to enter anything except the cash charitable contributions.

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